Haria P41 Negru Mat

Acordeon digital

în stoc
Haria P41 Negru Mat
Keyboard. Bass & Bellows:
Right Hand: 

41 keys (piano type), velocity sensitive.
Aftertouch via Master Bar.

Left Hand:

120 bass buttons, velocity sensitive.
Standard, Free Bass mode, Orch. Bass, Orch. Chord, Orch. Free Bass.

Bass&Chord modes

2 Bs Rows, 3 Bs Rows A-7th, 3 Bs Rows A-5dim, 3 Bs Rows B-7th,
3 Bs Rows B-5dim, 3 Bs Rows Bx-7th, 3 Bs Rows Belgium

Free Bass modes Minor 3rd, Bajan, Fifth, North Europe, Finnish
Bellows Curves Fixed Low, Fixed Med, Fixed High, X-Light, Light, Standard, Heavy, X-Heavy

Sound Source:
Right Hand

128 voices

Tones (Accordion Set): 

100 Accordion Sets, each one including: 14 Treble Registers, 7 Bass/Chord registers, 7 Free
Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Free Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Chord
registers, 180 Orchestral sounds (28 real time + others selectable via the MENU), 18 Drum Sets

Reed footages 7 Treble, 5 Bass, 3 Chord, 2 Free Bass
Musette Tuning

16 micro-tuning presets: Off, Dry, Classic, F-Folk, American L/H, North Europe, German L/H,
D-Folk L/H, Alpine, Italian L/H, French, Scottish

Wave Expansion 4 internal areas (8MB each) to load new sounds

Orchestral sounds:
Right hand tones:  180 – 28 real time (14×2), the others selectable via the MENU
Left hand tones: 7 real time, the others selectable via the MENU

Organ sounds (Virtual Tone Wheel):
32 presets for Treble, Chord and Free Bass sections, 16 presets for the Bass section
Up to 28 Harmonic Bar combinations customizable, can be controlled and shaped by bellows

Drum Set:

User Programs:
1400 100 User Program Bank x 14 registers

Reverb/Chorus/Delay:  8 types/8 types/10 types
MFX multi-effects MFX x 4 (84 types) for: Accordion, Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2, Orch Chord/Orch Free Bass

Operation Mode:
Audio Player and Audio REC:  Wave player from USB memory and REC on USB
Audio Loop: REC (with Overdub function) and Play

Other info:
Power supply: 

Supplied AC PSB-14U adaptor, rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack 24V/4500mAh
Expected battery life under continuous use: 8 hours (speakers on),
11 hours (speakers off)


11 Kg

• 100 Accordion sets

Trebble keys: 41

Bass keys: 120